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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

my dinner and cake...

after back to Malaysia, lazy blogging oh..haha..now oni update my blog..wanna do so few days ago de..just LAZY!!!

I cooked for bibi and her bf before I went back to Malaysia...just to thanks them for taken care of me in Liverpool...So, I made tiramisu cake, cook gu rou chicken, ABC soup, egg and vege...and white rice as well..haha

*Tiramisu cake's ingridients*

*I made into bowls and tupperwears, easier to eat, coz I invited my friends to eat my cake*

*Adding cocoa powder and strawberry on top before serving*

For the dinner, I just cooked for bibi and her bf, coz its hard and lagi challenging to cook for more people. This was the first time I cooked alone, and prepare all the things myself. Can't believe I can make it..haha!

*gu rou chicken*

*tomato sauce - for gu rou chicken*

*ABC soup - my favourite soup, yummy!*

*egg - I always failed to turn it back, sure make it a hole here or there..still need practice*

*white rice - without burnt*

About the rice, luckily din burnt this time. Coz this is not rice cooker, so its easy burnt and not easy to cook the rice with this. The 1st time I cooked the rice with this, it totally burnt...Only half of the rice can eat..coz really black at the bottom and the side...aiks..but this time success d..wahaha!!!

All in all, not easy to cook a dinner / meal...so..better not to cook..thats why I at Liverpool always eat bread or biscuits..easy, fast, no problem! haha...


-k- said...

dunno how to cook then admit...
dun say no need cook!

~ALICE in the wonderland~ said...

hng..!!!now mah know a bit bit lor...