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Sunday, 27 July 2008

LFC outlet look look...and shop shop..hehe!!!

*Liverpool Football Club logo, from the shopping bag..^.^*

Today went to city centre a while with Sharon.. I wanted to have a look at LFC outlet because they said they are having promotion for last season football jersey and shirts...My big sis lor, don't know why so into this football club...want me buy a sweater for her...So, me and Sharon went to Primark walk walk, coz she said wanted to buy short pants..At the end, she baught a shirt and so do I..erm..mine de is not shirt..kind of spaghetti strap...We also share baught the rubber band..

*buy at Primark -- 3 pounds*

*rubber band -- 1 pound, each of us get 12 rubber bands*

After Primark, we went to Tesco a while, because Sharon wanted to buy chicken and carrot to cook porridge for tonite dinner...Then only we went to LFC outlet...

I thought no more promotion or alrready finished those cheap jersey and shirts, because there is no any sign saying they have sales, and they are not place the promotion products near the entrance door but at the back...I wanted to go d, but luckily I walked around before go back...There are still many jerseys, but all is big big size..even I wanted to buy for my brothers also cannot...Surprisingly, there are jackets and sweaters...I was so happy coz its cheap...and its nice too...haha..then no need to think again how to find a LFC sweater for my sis..coz previously I came this outlet before..not cheap ler...40++ pounds for jersey, sweater also need 35++ pounds..now they have sales..

*Jacket that i baught -- 15 pounds*

*Sweater -- 10 pounds*

*another normal long sleeve shirt i baught -- 10 pounds
(but I guess I wanted to refund coz not so nice when i wear)*

So, I baught above 3 items from LFC outlet..I guess this is the 1st time I spend so much in one day..--38 pounds per day...hmm..but I still think the jacket and sweater very nice and reasonable, cheap price...hehe ^.^

*Besides, includes hanger for us oh..nice oh..red color with LFC logo*

*hehe..I shuang shuang try the jacket..really nice ler..*

Our Small Belle, HAPPY 22th BIRTHDAY!!! ^.^

** Actually her birthday was on 24 July, but because I was busy with my assignment, no time to write post...I just finished the assignment that going to submit on Monday, just send to my 2nd sis to help me check grammar mistake...
Back to our story...hmm..SMALL BELLE...
This year, her birthday was very special, because we celebrated at Liverpool...so special and memorable...not everyone also got this chance de oh...But, may be she will feel a bit upset because she cannot celebrate her birthday with her "leaf" (ah yap)...hehe..
That day, after class, she went to meet our lecturers, so, such a coincidence where it give us opportunity to go and buy cake, no need think of stupid silly excuse not to go home with her...haha!!! Then, me, ah pen and Marcus went to Iceland buy a blackforrest cake..though it was not her favourite, there is no tiramisu and Marcus said Iceland's cake better than Tesco, so we only buy at Iceland.
** We noticed that cake at Liverpool really very CHEAP!!! Sorry to say that, but it's real, imagine that we can only buy a small small 0.5kg cake with around RM20, but here, with 3 pounds, we can buy a big cake around 1kg, I guess...

*Blackforest cake from Iceland..definitely, not included the big knife there..hehe*

After baught cake, I started to think how to give her surprise ler..hmm..I don't think she know we will celebrate with her that midnite, 12am...May be she will think we will celebrate with her on the day 24 July...hehehe..so, this called SURPRISE!!! hope she really feel it...
I am the one who responsible to distract her attention when others come into our house and stand by at kitchen around 11.50pm...However, I was very super tired...I fall asleep when I wanna take bath around 11pm...then suddenly I awake and look at the time...OH MY GOD!!! It's 11.45pm...It's the time that I should called Belle, and before that will need to call downstairs to prepare...Then ah pen called me already, she asked me already prepare to call or not, coz they all stand by d..I said, I will call her soon...After I prepared already, I asked them stand by to come up coz I am going to distract Belle attention..haha..I called her, asked her about Truman Show assignment...Then they give me signal, everything set..then almost 12am...I have to hang up...then I told her, "oklar..I try to do the assignment 1st.."

*We knock her door...see..leng c so happy there..eh..celebrate her birthday meh??!!*

I took my camera, prepared to capture a memorable video...then we knock her door, I ask her come out, she was shocked when saw us outside her room..haha.."MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!!! Definitely, we sing her different language de birthday song...I surely continue to "record" video...Then, we waited her at kitchen coz she was talking with the "leaf", so give her some time lor...We took photos at kitchen...Then suddenly only I realize..DAMN!!! I forgot to press the RECORD BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!! it's EXASPERATED!!!!! @.@
**This story tell us, before birthday celebration, avoid fall asleep because it will make you BLUR...I m sorry, Belle!!!
*all girls take photos (when belle msn chatting with the "leaf"*

Overall, even all of us were rushing and doing our assignment, we still enjoy this small birthday celebration...It was just a simple celebration..Hope she don't mind, because we also didn't prepared any present...aiks...SORRY again..~.~

*our group photos---including Marcus*

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

**a small note to SMALL BELLE: even I always feel stressed and blur in those assignments, not like last time in TARC, now I always cannot help you, because me myself also blur sometimes...Hope you won't mind..but if you have any problem, you still can find me...I will try my best to answer you if i know... CHEERS... we are tough..we can handle until finish this degree de..!!! ALL OF US, Broadcasting students...!!!ADD OIL... ^.^

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

~SATISFY~ with buying foods...especially my BISCUITS..

Today get back one of my previous assignment result, erm..my mark was in the middle lor..not very good..but not very bad..i hope i can do well in following all the assignments..still have one month ++ left...then i will be FREE from study pressure...dun wish to study already...(but may be later after work, i will said i miss study??!! who knows?!)

So, after we get back our results, we went to shopping..hehe..not for dress but FOOD...we went to 99p shop, buy biscuits..I wanna buy McVities biscuit...but no more d..Terpaksa, i have to buy other biscuits lor..i buy liao many things today..semuanya FOOD..wahaha..to satisfy myself...because my biscuits no more already..feel unsecure without biscuits in my drawer... ^.^

*drawer 1*

Very tired, yesterday 3am sth only sleep...After I reach home, however, I arrange my biscuits 1st..haha...so now, my 2 drawers are full of biscuits and other food...haha..won't famine for this week..i guess..

*drawer 2*

** I really very love to eat biscuits...thats why my biscuits very fast finish...aih..!!!!! So, for those who read this and is "SMART" enough...should know what to do lar...if don't know..i can suggest here...you can send some biscuits or cookies to me..haha..to re-charge my losing power in facing pressure...!!! hehehe...**

Saturday, 19 July 2008

NEXT summer sales...19 July 08

today..Next shop start summer sales from 5am...My God..didn't go shopping before in such an early time...me and my friends go at 5.45am..Before we reach there, we already saw many people with their shopping bags..each of them at least hold 2 shopping bags...It is just 6am only, they already finish shopping and going back...Can you imagine how 'effective and efficient' this customers are??

It's all products is half price...but we cannot try, we just allowed to buy already, if not suitable then we can refund or change other items...I baught 2 jeans short skirts, costs 8 pounds and 5 pounds..I want to return the 5 pounds one, coz is loose and not so nice...I wanted to buy the gaun..is nice..and 15 pounds only..but cannot try, so i give up and put it back... ~.~

*after finish shopping, but i JUST baught 2 skirts only (1 going to refund)*

Such an early morning shopping...its fresh..but when I walking to the store, I feel like a bit fainted..May be coz I still feel sleepy...Man, just 6am we went to shopping already..Malaysia won't have these kind of chance...never experience before..Some more is so windy outside..I wear my pink wind resistant jacket and wear 2 long sleeves inside..can you imagine..?!! I should wear spaghetti inside, then I can simply try those t-shirt or gaun... @.@

North Wales and Llandudno trip (17 July 08)... fun? boring?

* In the bus, take pic with Alan..*

Well, yesterday (rainy day) we were going to a social trip, to North Wales and Llandudno, with two lecturers, Iqbal and Alan. Before the day, I was wondering, wanna go or not, because I haven't start to do my assignment which going to submit on Monday, keep worrying...But Iqbal said, "Come lar, relax one day, later you don't complaint too stress then fainted or what..." At last, I decide go together with my friends, because may be after this, we seldom have the chance to go out / trip together..I wonder??!!

So, Iqbal told us, we will need 1 hours like that to reach North Wales. Who knows, we almost 2 hours only reach there. This is not the point, the point is, we are sitting on the double-decker bus, and the bus is not like very new (if compare with the 1st time social trip to Chester), so its kind of fainted and 2 of my friends feel like want to vomit. I also felt headache... @.@

*North Wales*

Finally, we reach our destination...There were other tourists there...It's actually kind of small villages, with shops and its fresh environment with many trees and flowers...But, we reach there late already, so we just have around one and a half hour to visit the place, its not so details and not going to every single place to visit...

Don't know is due to the raining of this morning, feel like very very super cold there...even wear jacket also feel cold..and because of the weather looks like clowdy..so, my mood also follow the weather, not enjoy at all..I just feel cold and like don't wish and not interested to visit that place... ~.~


After that, we went to the 2nd destination...Iqbal said, bring us to visit castle previously..and we all so excited and looking forward to go into the castle to take many photos..but..when we reach there...its like a new town..don't feel there have any castle..

*Iqbal-our Programme Leader..-he claimed he is the "best P.L"..hehe*

Iqbal said he also don't know..then we walk to the seaside which near Llandudno...Luckily there have sea and can keep pur mouth shut, and stop complaining Iqbal bluff us (don't have castle)...So cold, happy and relax when we reach the seaside..but we just can stop by there for 1 hour only..


*my housemates---Marybone Flat 39 residents..^.^*

We keep on take pictures when we reach there...then I collect 6 stones from there...The stones here very nice, because its colourful...(but may be is so many there only can shows it beautiful side of the stones)...Then after that, when we going back only heard people said there are castles here, but don't know where and its at least 5 miles away..(is it far?)

As a conclusion of this trip, not as our expectation, and I have to rush my assignment now..monday due date..

## I am not free de, but reading until bored already only come and post something...blek!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

~fire engine~

Yesterday nite (14 July 2008, 9.30pm++), when i want to continue discussed presentation assignment with my partner after dinner..suddenly, the fire alarm rang...very loud...we and her other housemates thinking whether its just a testing alarm or what..but, this time rang quite long...so, we think there is something wrong, so we decided to go down, not to stay in the hostel.

Then, there are many people starting walking down using staircase...i am leaving at 9th floor, doing assignment at 8th floor, not much different, also have to walk a long way down...

The funny thing is, some of them still asking, wanna bring what, wanna bring psasport, the funniest one is.."I haven't bring my jacket!"..HAHAHAHAHA..its like if really a serious fire happen, do you still thinking of this kind of things? sure leave the building immediately...I told them: "if it's really a serious fire, i guess we all sure stuck in the fire because even when we walking down from 8th floor with staircase, we are like very relax..walk like nth happen..haha

When we reach down there, heard other students said that one of the house at 10th floor, their kitchen are fired...but we didn't see any smoke come out from their window...Then, Liverpool fire engine very efficient and fast reach our hostel..and there were 3 fire engines...hahaha..like very serious only..but actually just a small matter...after a while, we can go back already..but..we have to climb back to 8th floor to continue discussion...

**if any of the person that I indicate above, pls don't take it serious, I just feel funny and share with others only..NO OFFENCE!!!hehehehehe.............

AFTER presententation...still cannot rest...

Finally finish Media Business Presentation..even though its just 15 minutes of presentation, the preparation is not easy. Me and my partner have to prepare slide shows, hand out, and how we opposed each other points and give feedback to each other...yesterday we finish discussed, rehearsal and everything around 3.30am, then only sleep around 3 hours until today 6.30am need to wake up again...soooo BUSY...and tired..the funny thing is..when i shower, i can't even open my eyes, so pain and heavy...

So, me and my partner is quite satisfied with our own presentation and performance...but, don't know how our lecturers think about that...but, we don't really bother, as long as we finish present, we have to focus on tomorrow works...aih..

tomorrow, i have to meet my Mass Comm Project (mini thesis) supervisor and tell him how is my progression of my work and so on...have to show him what have i read or done...i haven't finish read my readings, so have to continue later...And not only this project readings, tomorrow lecture readings oso haven't touch..AND next monday have to submit another assignment regarding Film Noir...OH GOD...!!!Give me a break...can i sleep for whole week..without doing other things, especially readings and assignment..??!!

**Thanks for ah pen de "Fruitful Shredded Wheat"...I am eating for my lunch...

Monday, 14 July 2008

My NEW Blog...^.^

Hi everyone,

I just created this blog...Well, nothing..just feels like need a space for me to express myself..stress, pressure, disgusting, happy, sadness and so on...

Anyway, as the blog theme is *World of Expression*..So, do feel free to leave a comment, anything, whether is good or bad...

Thanks...Enjoy ya..!!!

Bean sprout and iceberg dinner...~.~

Tonite dinner such a healthy vege dinner...I never eat like this before..I cooked bean sprouts with iceberg...I just ate like that...It is delicious at first, but later...oh my god..the feelings of disgusting appeared...tooooooo much of bean sprouts...if it is serve with rice, it might be no problem...but...

I am not keep fit or want to save money...It is because Friday, my friend's dad baught us a big bag or bean sprouts...So, I guess this few days we still have to eat bean sprouts as one of our dishes...

*Yah, "our" here is means me and my housemates...I am staying in Liverpool now, for few months only, taking my degree...

Today is quite cold even is summer now, I wish to eat hot foods at Malaysia..Miss Malaysian food so much...Penang Har Mee, Spicy noodles, nasi lemak, soups, SUSHI, chicken wing, mushroom soup at Pizza Hut...ohhhhhh!!!!!

*A bit hungry even just ate my 'vege' dinner two hours ago... ~.~