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Saturday, 19 July 2008

North Wales and Llandudno trip (17 July 08)... fun? boring?

* In the bus, take pic with Alan..*

Well, yesterday (rainy day) we were going to a social trip, to North Wales and Llandudno, with two lecturers, Iqbal and Alan. Before the day, I was wondering, wanna go or not, because I haven't start to do my assignment which going to submit on Monday, keep worrying...But Iqbal said, "Come lar, relax one day, later you don't complaint too stress then fainted or what..." At last, I decide go together with my friends, because may be after this, we seldom have the chance to go out / trip together..I wonder??!!

So, Iqbal told us, we will need 1 hours like that to reach North Wales. Who knows, we almost 2 hours only reach there. This is not the point, the point is, we are sitting on the double-decker bus, and the bus is not like very new (if compare with the 1st time social trip to Chester), so its kind of fainted and 2 of my friends feel like want to vomit. I also felt headache... @.@

*North Wales*

Finally, we reach our destination...There were other tourists there...It's actually kind of small villages, with shops and its fresh environment with many trees and flowers...But, we reach there late already, so we just have around one and a half hour to visit the place, its not so details and not going to every single place to visit...

Don't know is due to the raining of this morning, feel like very very super cold there...even wear jacket also feel cold..and because of the weather looks like clowdy..so, my mood also follow the weather, not enjoy at all..I just feel cold and like don't wish and not interested to visit that place... ~.~


After that, we went to the 2nd destination...Iqbal said, bring us to visit castle previously..and we all so excited and looking forward to go into the castle to take many photos..but..when we reach there...its like a new town..don't feel there have any castle..

*Iqbal-our Programme Leader..-he claimed he is the "best P.L"..hehe*

Iqbal said he also don't know..then we walk to the seaside which near Llandudno...Luckily there have sea and can keep pur mouth shut, and stop complaining Iqbal bluff us (don't have castle)...So cold, happy and relax when we reach the seaside..but we just can stop by there for 1 hour only..


*my housemates---Marybone Flat 39 residents..^.^*

We keep on take pictures when we reach there...then I collect 6 stones from there...The stones here very nice, because its colourful...(but may be is so many there only can shows it beautiful side of the stones)...Then after that, when we going back only heard people said there are castles here, but don't know where and its at least 5 miles away..(is it far?)

As a conclusion of this trip, not as our expectation, and I have to rush my assignment now..monday due date..

## I am not free de, but reading until bored already only come and post something...blek!!!

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