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Thursday, 30 October 2008

early SNOW...>.<

*snow on the road*
This early morning, I was still dreaming...Suddenly bibi wake me up, she told me its snowing outside. It was only 6am sth...and surely, it is damn cold...She asked me wanna go out and took photo or not..definitely I want la...wait so long d...

*not selling the car, hehe!*

It is so cold outside there, and I din see snow falling, but only the snow on the car...and it seems like the snow falled quite some times already, it started to melt..and looks like tiny snow ball, a bit like ice...freezing out there...

*I wanna took the photo of the car, but its too cold d, the camera also cannot tahan d..can't really take a good pic!*

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

sweet toffee apple...

*took on my birthday, the mini cake with a toffee apple*
(don't look at my hair, its messy and I wanna "fix" it when I go back Malaysia)

That day, my birthday, not only have a mini cake, bibi also buy me a toffee apple --> apple with a layer of sugar like that..which specially famous during Halloween. I never tried before...I haven't eat that apple until tonite...coz that nite I was very full with the dinner that they cook for me and also a tiramisu cake that bibi make for me...

So, tonite also take dinner alone..i ate mashed potato, which bibi do for me in the morning and also the toffee apple, coz i saw the apple like not so good if keep too long. I never thought this apple will make me so full, I just think it will be sweet but not even sweet, it makes me full as well. The red color layer is the sweet, it was taste like cotton candy, but its hard cotton candy...and it makes my teeth all full with sweet candy...after eat that apple, the 1st thing I do was brush teeth..coz its very sweet...haha..but it is advisable to eat without eating other food...if not, will be full as me now...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

ice rain...

*ice rain in Liverpool on 27th Oct 08*

my new camera function..i not so familiar and don't really know how to fully utilize it..i thought a camera only can took photo either with auto or manual setting..mana tau..aku punye sister beritau..got other function lagi..then oni i know..wah..so many setting..even got "snow" setting...means its purposely create to capture snowing...

finally i know how to set the setting..then i try lor..but also have to wait until it snow or ice rain oni can test mah...so i wait lor..whole day..really keep on raining..its ice..i faster ran down with my camera..then I test with my hand whether its still ice or normal raining..then..i know is ice..y ler..coz my hand sakit..kena itu ice..then i faster took lor..its only 5pm sth, oledi sunset, its dark outside...i thought sure cannot see anything..who knows..haha..i get it..kekeke...so happy...
waiting for more..coz BBC weather said will be very cold next few days..under 0 celcius ler..hee..sure cold die me..but..may be i will go out and try the "cold" that will never happen in Malaysia...

Monday, 27 October 2008

small snow ball...冰泡。。。

i wanted to see snowing before i get back to Malaysia, cause I didn't see before..

Yesterday midnite, when I sleeping, I heard loud sound from outside..I thought was snow ball..cause my friend told me before, it is quite loud when it is snow ball but it is very little tiny ball and may be oni few seconds or minutes...I can't really see it..coz its just raining..n if its really is..should be easier to see on the road or floor but not like looking outside the window..quite hard to see like tat..then I went back to sleep...

this morning, my friend was having breakfast down there, its raining...and the sound is not as loud as yesterday nite, I dun think it will be snow ball, so I din check from the window...My friend asked me go down coz its snow ball, I can't see from the window, so I ran down and see..its really a tiny snow ball, but its on the floor, and I can't really see it like "snowing"..coz its just a while...then raining d..

and according to BBC weather, this coming wednesday got sleet shower = snow + rain, but duno accurate or not..coz normally it will update again b4 tat day.. wednesday and thursday the lowest temperature is -4 celcius..and friday is 0 celcius..duno its really so low and cold..hmm..i'm waiting...hope to snow again...but i sure cold die..hehe

Saturday, 25 October 2008






UK birthday..presents..

*mini fruit cake. canon pink camera, mopod*

finally...my presents reached...the other two is a surprise...I only know my sis will buy me a pink camera, and I'm waiting the delivery, coz already exceed the date that I supposed received it..
The mopod come first. It is a mobile accessory, in the middle has a pink kitty, the kitty will turn and also there will be lighting when the phone ring or receive sms. This present was my aunt and cousins, they asked my sis to buy for me as my birthday gift. This is the 1st surprise. Then I receive another mini fruit cake. I wonder it can eat..but it really is a real cake, together with my sis's photo on the surface. This is also a surprise where I don't know she will send this kind of cake to me...and before that, I still always blame and joking with her that I can't go US find her, cannot eat her cake and muffin..haha..now, i get a cake..mini cake..hehe
At last, yesterday, I received the pink camera d...was so happy..the camera was nice and the picture that it tooks was nice as well...but it will be more better if the camera is pink enough like the Sony one..that pink was sharp...haha..but still ok la..I will try to find a pink camera case...hope i can find...normally sold in black color de..sien..!!!
Anyway..THANK YOU again...for the presents and surprise..the mini cake, I won't eat 1st, I will bring back Mas and let them see 1st...hehe!

Friday, 24 October 2008

敲门声。。。怕 + 等待。。。


之前,没那么注意到,自从某天,一个人在家时,在看着鬼戏,光天化日,应该没什么问题的。。。怎知道,还是有点怕怕,突然间,有人敲门。。这地区的屋子不习惯有门铃,所以大多都是直接敲在木门板上,或是门中间的信箱口,就会听到很大声的“砰砰”。。。不用说,我当然被吓到咯。。因为从没有人这样大力的敲门,而且是敲到很急的,我就赶快跑下楼。跑到一半,我停了下来,因为真的很恐怖,我从门中间的玻璃看过去,是一位黑肤色的女人,她还在敲,又用耳朵听屋里的声音(外面看不到屋里)。。她还告诉身边的人,“I heard someone just now!” 我不敢开门,因为不认识,敲门又敲到像要打架酱,最后她走了。


这几天也是一直听到敲门声,都在注意着,因为我姐要送我毕业+生日礼物 = 相机。。还没到叻,不知道失踪去哪里了,唉!!!我们都在怪Amazon.uk。。。希望在我回去前就寄到来啦。。。我的粉红相机呢??!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Edinburgh trip...

The very first time, I travel alone...I been sing k, watch movie, shopping alone, but I never imagined that I will and I already travel alone to Edinburgh on 14th Oct (10.15pm coach from Liverpool), reached there around 7.15am morning on 15th Oct. It was so cold that morning, windy and I can saw the "gas" from my mouth when I breath...I was wearing 3 layers of long sleeves, with my scarf...Still, I was very very super duper cold..It was only 8 celcius...I cannot stand the coldness anymore, after I found the right way from the coach station to the city, and I saw the information centre but it opened at 9pm. So, I went into the McD which was only opposite road of the info centre...I ordered a bacon bread (if i'm not mistaken with the name) and cup of cappucino as my breakfast...It was wonderful, because I was freezing and my hand was so cold, it was perfect to drink a hot cappucino to warm my stomuch...

*my warm breakfast..nice oh..and the bacon bread, I never tried at Malaysia before*

*my lovely cappucino*

Then I started went around while waiting the info centre to open. Edinburgh is quite nice and was busy as well..the buildings here is quite nice..There are "old" town and "new" town...After the info centre opened, I baught the Highland one day tour ticket, which was at the next day 16th Oct, from 8am to 8.30pm. It is seems like a long journey, coz using the whole day, but my friends recommend me to take part, so...Then, I asked for the ghost tour ticket as well..."Ghost Tour", is very famous in Edinburgh (based on one of my lecturer, Ned)...and it is like the people will guide and bring you around the town, telling you might be ghost, history, scary story of the town...I liked this tour when I heard it, coz I think it is quite interesting, not like normally we went into ghost house and scared by those "ghost"...But, because I was going to take part alone, so, I was scared as well...I asked the girl to choose for me, from the several tours, I want a not really too scary one...and I baught a ticket for the ghost tour...It was at night 7pm. So, I have plenty of time, I went to the Edinburgh castle first...

*I asked the worker of the castle to take picture for me - entrance of castle*

*views of the city - took inside the castle*

Due to Edinburgh castle is located on the hill of the city, so visitors can see many beautiful scenery from here...definitely, it is cold like hell...coz windy that day, and a bit raining in the noon. There are 25 different locations in the castle to visit such as prisons of war, one o'clock gun, Royal palace and so on...

*one of the location signboard*

The most famous thing in the palace is one o'clock gun. This is a cannon which will fire everyday at one o'clock - 1pm. From the history that I read in the exhibition of this cannon, it's previously people used to know what is the time..

*This is the one o'clock gun...and you can see there is a clock beside the cannon*

After finished waiting until 1pm for the fire, I went out and heading towards the city centre...I went to a shop which can saw how the people make tartan mill..its something like this..

*I duno what its called, but its famous in Soctland, and expensive too...*

*Scottish dress code (sth like this)*

After finished visit the shop, I walked around and baught some Scotland short bread, which is famous here as well...Then my lunch settle at Subway (my favourite)...and I ate Italian BMT meal, I never tried 12 inch footlong de, wish I eat once...then I asked the cashier, he said, 12 inch is same price as 6 inch for this meal...aiseh...kalau tahu, I order the long one lor...cheh!!! After finished, I went back to hostel which nearby the city and take a rest and bath before going to the ghost tour. The ghost tour was quite interesting actually, coz the tour guide, bring us walked around the city and told us about the history of those places and then we went to the underground...which he said last time there is a person named Wally, and his friends tried to korek an underground from castle to the palace...something like this...and then it was not successful and he disappeared in the underground...and the story was long...I can't tell all here, and he also can't tell the whole story, so better check history book lor...It was not so scary actually, but just a bit dark, and it was cold..coz at nite, windy as well, and that day was specially cold...not same as Liverpool...

16th Oct...Highland tour

This tour was very nice and bring us to the highland and it is very beautiful...but my camera battery not enough, coz duno when and where I lost one battery...aih...so I continue took picture with my mobile...

*This is famous Scotland Highland bull...means their kind of cow*

Then we went to Urquhart Castle, which located on the highland...It was nice, even it had damaged...

*This is only half of the Urquhart Castle*

*Behind me is another half (I was wearing 5 layers of shirts that day..coz scared cold)*

*inside the castle*

After finished, we ride on a cruise which we were sailed on the Loch Ness...It is famous in Scotland..it is a lake, which last time, some people accidentally took photo of "monster" on this lake and now, they said if anyone able to take similar photos or monster appear on the lake, there will be a reward...

*This is Loch Ness*

*I'm on the cruise*

*This is the "monster"*

The whole trip was something like that, coz the highland trip mostly was taking the beautiful scenery photos...There are still some little story...but not able to finish in one post..so...i post another one when i free la..haha..

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Another Jay's new song from his new album: 说好的幸福呢

I lagi prefer this song...this song is very sad...meaningful as well!!! he is brilliant!!!very got feeling when I listen to this song...sorry to say that, really make me remember the past...

你的绘画凌乱着. 在这个时刻.
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽. 甜蜜散乱了.
情绪莫名的拉扯. 我还爱你呐.
伴你断断续续唱着歌. 假装没事了.
时间过了走了. 爱情面临选择.
你冷了 倦了 我哭了.
一开始的不快乐. 你用卡片拭写着.
我都还记得 你不等了.说好的.幸福呐
我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了

你的绘画凌乱着. 在这个时刻.
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽. 甜蜜散乱了.
情绪莫名的拉扯. 我还爱你呐.
伴你断断续续唱着歌. 假装没事了.
时间过了走了. 爱情面临选择.
你冷了 却了 我哭了.
一开始的不快乐. 你用卡片拭写着.
我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了

怎麽了. 你累了. 说好的. 幸福呐.
我懂了. 不说了. 爱淡了. 梦淹了.
我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着.要怎么停呐 !


This song is so sad...the promise...can't let people forget...
I like this sentence --> 只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着. 要怎么停呐 --- sometimes its hard to forget..
but luckily my friend, Marvin told me, "cannot stop the music box mah take out the battery lor!" haha..thx..this remind me..anything also has its solution, just see how you find out and when you find out the key of the solution...So, Marvin and Piu..add oil..u guys just need time as well..there will be the way...(u know what i mean)!!!

I still have to praise JAY..my favourite singer..his song..meaningful and nice..!!!this song is recommended by me oh!!hehe...(definitely, many other of his fans or those who listened before! really...i saw their comments online)


Jay's new song: 女儿红 / 给我一首歌的时间

雨停下的天空. 灰的更加老旧.
我晒干了承诺. 灰的更加懵懂.
在一起走. 分开了走.
你若退后. 我能承受.
在最后的出口. 在爱过哪儿才有.
在我的怀里. 不用太多失眠.
你送我的眼泪. 让他留在雨天.

被淋湿的天空. 灰的更加老旧.
我晒干了承诺. 灰的狠冲动
在一起走. 分开了走.
你若退后. 我能承受.
在最后的出口. 在爱过哪儿才有.
在我的怀里. 不用太多失眠.
你送我的眼泪. 让他留在雨天

在我的怀里. 不用太多失眠.
你送我的眼泪. 让他留在雨天.

我说我不该不该. 不该在这时才说爱你.

**I duno whether the whole lyrics is 100% correct or not..coz the album haven't released, but going to...I'll update it when I know the correct lyrics...and the song's name as well...**

I like this song, because of its meaningful lyrics...have to grab the right timing...and appreciate...

"是不是说没有做完的梦最痛" ---

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

London ExHaUsTeD trip...keke @.@

Yesterday I was "exhausted"!!!

HAHA...yala..not so exaggerate lar..tired lor...Juz came back from London...was going to US embassy to interview, but failed d...

The trip was sooooo "messy"...I almost lost in London..I can't find the embassy..and I also almost lost when I wanna find the London China Town...

Now only I know cannot 100% fully trust the "G--gle map" coz I follow the map and its far away from the underground station I stopped by...Then I try to walked by myself without asking anyone..just following the map, even I know my "direction" always "very good" de...but I think the map is correct one, mah follow lor...then I really cannot find, and it's getting late already..no choice, I mah asked people there lor..I asked liao few..all also told me, it is far from where I am...I have to keep walking...and continue asked people...wa lau eh...

I walked liao around 15 minutes, I asked another girl and guy, then they said, I should take tube to another station, it will be nearer from where I am...That time almost 12.45pm already, my appointment was 1.30pm, its better to reach there b4 half an hour. Then I started to nervous liao, I straight away asked the taxi driver on the road side...he said can reach there 5 minutes, then I asked him to fetch me to the embassy...Finally, I reached there d..it's really fast..and no need 5 minutes like tat dah sampai, hv to pay 3.20 pounds...kelian~~

Then reach there already, I look at the building opposite the taxi, full of flags, British and US flags, I tot is the embassy, then I looked at the building like the face telling people "Finally I reached already!!!"..then itu taxi driver open the car window and told me, "The US embassy is in front that building, NOT this one!"..wa lau eh, so pai se...!!!then I said thank you and faster walked to THAT building lor...aiseh..@.@

There were many people line up there..the after went inside only know we still have to take number de, not like straight away can interview. And its interview, is FAR from my imagination..I thought will go inside a room or what to interview by the officer, but it is just like normal window booth, like we go bank counter...za dao!!!!!!!

then I have to wait around 200++ people only until my turn according to that number..I really crazy waiting there...so wu liao and sleepy...I waited until 4pm sth only called my number, then I went to the counter, not more than 5 minutes already kena reject...I also duno how to argue with him..saying I dun think that was a reason or what..I just said "oh...oh..oh!!!"

then I desperately wanna eat chinese food..thought of going to China Town can eat a chinese food before going to coach station coz the bus was 6.30pm depart...mana tau nearly 5pm already when I came out from the embassy, and I just sempat buy few breads from the Kowloon restaurant...then I have to rush back to the coach station before 6.30pm...whole day only rushing and find the correct direction..so hor..use many of my brain cells...hehehe...so I very tired lor..Lagi before I went to interview that nite, I cannot sleep ler...whole nite din sleep..until the early morning when I'm on the bus only I sleep... the guy sit beside me, he so sien...he wanna talked to me de..but i dun wan "choi" him, I just sleep oni..(tired mah)..then when i wake up a while, he quickly talked to me...aiyo..ask me where i go la..blah blah blah...then finish d..i continue sleep..hahahaha...second time oso like tis..then when i continue sleep..he talked to the aunties behind us...hehehehehe!!!

actually long story lar..but I am fine woh...so..for itu wang pau kit, no need feel sorry coz I m not getting the visa..also not ur fault, not u reject me de, ok?!! but, u can happy for one thing, at least now i won't bomb ur kitchen d mah..haha!!!

when I planning to back Malaysia ler..???hmm...still thinking...I planned to back after Halloween de..never experience before mah..but I lagi greedy now oh...I wish I can wait until November, hope I can see and feel the snow before I go back..I really wanna see snow ler..but duno it will snow so soon onot...aih...

Friday, 3 October 2008

UpDaTe NEWS!!!!!!


Erm...long time din write a proper post...lazy d...

after my Europe trip, thought I will upload some photos and also describe a bit about the trip...but haha..long time d..okla..wait i got mood 1st lar...

Now i am living in Kensington, Liverpool..most of my friends, I think may be all also back to Malaysia already..I still have to wait for the US embassy interview to try to get US visa, so that I can go US to visit my sister..but if i fail to get the visa, no big deal for me..i will back Malaysia lor..actually quite miss Malaysia...as old people always said, "when you come out, only you know what is good and best for you!"..I think its true...i will remember my "messy" room with Jay's posters and my own bed, my naughty brother -- "botani", my fei fei d de big sis (coz always talk non-sense), my always serious and "loud speaker" de big brother, my US sis -- "google king", my dad, grandpa and grandma...always make me angry de mimi..also three 3 8 de cousins, my aunt...my Kajang friends, KTAR friends...

aih..if really wanna list out..a long list pulak...but here de weather hor..really getting cold d..now always windy and sometimes raining, then suddenly sunny day..but because of windy, it is very cold when I go out...the wind blow until my ears pain...so kesian...i think Malaysia wont be like tis..my friends that juz went back to Malaysia from here, complained Malaysia is too hot for them..haha....actually i very scare cold..duno after come here, got help me to build my immune system become stronger, so I wont scare cold when I go back to Malaysia...

I hope whole day I can sleep on the bed with two blankets cover me...ahhh...so cold...

today I wear 3 long sleeves when I went to city centre..but still cold when the wind blows..forget to bring my gloves..aiks..I must bring next time...my finger cold until hard to move...

Malaysia foods are waiting for me..i know...---nasi lemak, har mee, wat dan hor, fuk kin min, sushi king (i know is not malaysia food, but i love very much), my grandma's soup, my neighbour -- sam sou's chili, sambal, wangsa de hot and spicy mee, and so on so on...argh...air liur pun mau keluar..here mau makan hot food pun susah..especially with soup one..except I cook myself lor...but i came here liao, paling pandai de (after I learn and experience) is tom yam nasi goreng (lagi the tom yam taste is from the paste tat I baught..hehe) or normal nasi goreng oni...err..telur goreng, lagi ape arr...normal goreng sayur lor...yah..i say i wanna learn cook porridge..not yet try b4..mau try if got chance..

if i got chance go US, hehe..wang pau kit...ur kitchen..haha..is MINE..wahaha..then i everyday try new thing..bomb ur kitchen..haha..remember buy insurance woh..blek...!!!!!

-boring at home now...and raining outside..aih-