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Monday, 27 October 2008

small snow ball...冰泡。。。

i wanted to see snowing before i get back to Malaysia, cause I didn't see before..

Yesterday midnite, when I sleeping, I heard loud sound from outside..I thought was snow ball..cause my friend told me before, it is quite loud when it is snow ball but it is very little tiny ball and may be oni few seconds or minutes...I can't really see it..coz its just raining..n if its really is..should be easier to see on the road or floor but not like looking outside the window..quite hard to see like tat..then I went back to sleep...

this morning, my friend was having breakfast down there, its raining...and the sound is not as loud as yesterday nite, I dun think it will be snow ball, so I din check from the window...My friend asked me go down coz its snow ball, I can't see from the window, so I ran down and see..its really a tiny snow ball, but its on the floor, and I can't really see it like "snowing"..coz its just a while...then raining d..

and according to BBC weather, this coming wednesday got sleet shower = snow + rain, but duno accurate or not..coz normally it will update again b4 tat day.. wednesday and thursday the lowest temperature is -4 celcius..and friday is 0 celcius..duno its really so low and cold..hmm..i'm waiting...hope to snow again...but i sure cold die..hehe


åh-†ёh² said...

dont worry lar..if this time cannot see..in the future got chance 1..

~ALICE in the wonderland~ said...

I saw d..saw d..and took picture d..hehe..