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Saturday, 25 October 2008

UK birthday..presents..

*mini fruit cake. canon pink camera, mopod*

finally...my presents reached...the other two is a surprise...I only know my sis will buy me a pink camera, and I'm waiting the delivery, coz already exceed the date that I supposed received it..
The mopod come first. It is a mobile accessory, in the middle has a pink kitty, the kitty will turn and also there will be lighting when the phone ring or receive sms. This present was my aunt and cousins, they asked my sis to buy for me as my birthday gift. This is the 1st surprise. Then I receive another mini fruit cake. I wonder it can eat..but it really is a real cake, together with my sis's photo on the surface. This is also a surprise where I don't know she will send this kind of cake to me...and before that, I still always blame and joking with her that I can't go US find her, cannot eat her cake and muffin..haha..now, i get a cake..mini cake..hehe
At last, yesterday, I received the pink camera d...was so happy..the camera was nice and the picture that it tooks was nice as well...but it will be more better if the camera is pink enough like the Sony one..that pink was sharp...haha..but still ok la..I will try to find a pink camera case...hope i can find...normally sold in black color de..sien..!!!
Anyway..THANK YOU again...for the presents and surprise..the mini cake, I won't eat 1st, I will bring back Mas and let them see 1st...hehe!

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åh-†ёh² said...

make sure u charge the battery long enough for the 1st time~