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Thursday, 30 October 2008

early SNOW...>.<

*snow on the road*
This early morning, I was still dreaming...Suddenly bibi wake me up, she told me its snowing outside. It was only 6am sth...and surely, it is damn cold...She asked me wanna go out and took photo or not..definitely I want la...wait so long d...

*not selling the car, hehe!*

It is so cold outside there, and I din see snow falling, but only the snow on the car...and it seems like the snow falled quite some times already, it started to melt..and looks like tiny snow ball, a bit like ice...freezing out there...

*I wanna took the photo of the car, but its too cold d, the camera also cannot tahan d..can't really take a good pic!*


-k- said...

itu last picture apa lai de??

~ALICE in the wonderland~ said...

wanna take those cars with snow de..bibi cakap coz the lense too cold d mah like tat lor..