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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween in Liverpool...

*duno what this guy pretending..but he was nice*

Halloween...was impressive and cold...people still able to wear their costume which seksi, less clothes..we wear coat and scarf also freezing...I saw some of them shaking...coz too cold..

*group of witches*

There are many kind of costumes..and they are creative..some really scary..with the make up and blood...I saw witches, super-man and woman, batman, flinstones, ghostbuster, Zoro..and so on...

*group of super-heroes*

*teletubbies and that one duno what..*

*nurse and doctor*

*the police's dog was checking those who going into the pub*
There were at least 4 policemen outside each pub or clubbing area...and also they prepared a dog to smell those people to check whether they have drugs...
but, there are still many people hanging around there..some are really crazy...and some are drunks...

*hard to differentiate those costumes...*

*flinstone and duno wat, looks like santa*

have a great nite out there..even we are not joining those pubs...but we saw many creative people dress up nicely, scary, bloody and most impressive thing is they can tahan COLD...


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