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Sunday, 27 July 2008

LFC outlet look look...and shop shop..hehe!!!

*Liverpool Football Club logo, from the shopping bag..^.^*

Today went to city centre a while with Sharon.. I wanted to have a look at LFC outlet because they said they are having promotion for last season football jersey and shirts...My big sis lor, don't know why so into this football club...want me buy a sweater for her...So, me and Sharon went to Primark walk walk, coz she said wanted to buy short pants..At the end, she baught a shirt and so do I..erm..mine de is not shirt..kind of spaghetti strap...We also share baught the rubber band..

*buy at Primark -- 3 pounds*

*rubber band -- 1 pound, each of us get 12 rubber bands*

After Primark, we went to Tesco a while, because Sharon wanted to buy chicken and carrot to cook porridge for tonite dinner...Then only we went to LFC outlet...

I thought no more promotion or alrready finished those cheap jersey and shirts, because there is no any sign saying they have sales, and they are not place the promotion products near the entrance door but at the back...I wanted to go d, but luckily I walked around before go back...There are still many jerseys, but all is big big size..even I wanted to buy for my brothers also cannot...Surprisingly, there are jackets and sweaters...I was so happy coz its cheap...and its nice too...haha..then no need to think again how to find a LFC sweater for my sis..coz previously I came this outlet before..not cheap ler...40++ pounds for jersey, sweater also need 35++ pounds..now they have sales..

*Jacket that i baught -- 15 pounds*

*Sweater -- 10 pounds*

*another normal long sleeve shirt i baught -- 10 pounds
(but I guess I wanted to refund coz not so nice when i wear)*

So, I baught above 3 items from LFC outlet..I guess this is the 1st time I spend so much in one day..--38 pounds per day...hmm..but I still think the jacket and sweater very nice and reasonable, cheap price...hehe ^.^

*Besides, includes hanger for us oh..nice oh..red color with LFC logo*

*hehe..I shuang shuang try the jacket..really nice ler..*


pen said...

i like the jacket, it's nice~!!!

-k- said...

that hanger so special.. bring it back to Mas la :P

~ALICE in the wonderland~ said...

sure I will bring back to Mas..no worries..itu big sis oso said the same..she so desperate to hv tat hanger to hang her sweater..zok sui..!!!