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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Our Small Belle, HAPPY 22th BIRTHDAY!!! ^.^

** Actually her birthday was on 24 July, but because I was busy with my assignment, no time to write post...I just finished the assignment that going to submit on Monday, just send to my 2nd sis to help me check grammar mistake...
Back to our story...hmm..SMALL BELLE...
This year, her birthday was very special, because we celebrated at Liverpool...so special and memorable...not everyone also got this chance de oh...But, may be she will feel a bit upset because she cannot celebrate her birthday with her "leaf" (ah yap)...hehe..
That day, after class, she went to meet our lecturers, so, such a coincidence where it give us opportunity to go and buy cake, no need think of stupid silly excuse not to go home with her...haha!!! Then, me, ah pen and Marcus went to Iceland buy a blackforrest cake..though it was not her favourite, there is no tiramisu and Marcus said Iceland's cake better than Tesco, so we only buy at Iceland.
** We noticed that cake at Liverpool really very CHEAP!!! Sorry to say that, but it's real, imagine that we can only buy a small small 0.5kg cake with around RM20, but here, with 3 pounds, we can buy a big cake around 1kg, I guess...

*Blackforest cake from Iceland..definitely, not included the big knife there..hehe*

After baught cake, I started to think how to give her surprise ler..hmm..I don't think she know we will celebrate with her that midnite, 12am...May be she will think we will celebrate with her on the day 24 July...hehehe..so, this called SURPRISE!!! hope she really feel it...
I am the one who responsible to distract her attention when others come into our house and stand by at kitchen around 11.50pm...However, I was very super tired...I fall asleep when I wanna take bath around 11pm...then suddenly I awake and look at the time...OH MY GOD!!! It's 11.45pm...It's the time that I should called Belle, and before that will need to call downstairs to prepare...Then ah pen called me already, she asked me already prepare to call or not, coz they all stand by d..I said, I will call her soon...After I prepared already, I asked them stand by to come up coz I am going to distract Belle attention..haha..I called her, asked her about Truman Show assignment...Then they give me signal, everything set..then almost 12am...I have to hang up...then I told her, "oklar..I try to do the assignment 1st.."

*We knock her door...see..leng c so happy there..eh..celebrate her birthday meh??!!*

I took my camera, prepared to capture a memorable video...then we knock her door, I ask her come out, she was shocked when saw us outside her room..haha.."MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!!! Definitely, we sing her different language de birthday song...I surely continue to "record" video...Then, we waited her at kitchen coz she was talking with the "leaf", so give her some time lor...We took photos at kitchen...Then suddenly only I realize..DAMN!!! I forgot to press the RECORD BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!! it's EXASPERATED!!!!! @.@
**This story tell us, before birthday celebration, avoid fall asleep because it will make you BLUR...I m sorry, Belle!!!
*all girls take photos (when belle msn chatting with the "leaf"*

Overall, even all of us were rushing and doing our assignment, we still enjoy this small birthday celebration...It was just a simple celebration..Hope she don't mind, because we also didn't prepared any present...aiks...SORRY again..~.~

*our group photos---including Marcus*

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

**a small note to SMALL BELLE: even I always feel stressed and blur in those assignments, not like last time in TARC, now I always cannot help you, because me myself also blur sometimes...Hope you won't mind..but if you have any problem, you still can find me...I will try my best to answer you if i know... CHEERS... we are tough..we can handle until finish this degree de..!!! ALL OF US, Broadcasting students...!!!ADD OIL... ^.^

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Anonymous said...

hai, alice, i am 39C, coz today baru ada masa tengok ur blog, it really funny, but anyway, THX ALL oF URS to prepare this surprise for me, but the regretness is i am wearing a sleep wear, and if we r not suffering with our degree that much better, anyway, thx every one. JUs hang on still got one more months...... i understand la.... poh fue.... jus gambahteh la...