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Thursday, 22 January 2009


*KPMC - Kajang Plaza Medical Centre*

Such a "nice" medical centre...nice until i wanna post it in my blog...

Few days back, my grandpa fell down outside garden, bleeding and a bit injured on his face.. Luckily I at home that day..if not only left my grandma with him, sure my grandma very scared...I scared actually, when I saw so many blood on the grass..I was very shocked, and worried...panic as well..Luckily, grandpa was ok, oni injured on his face and bleeding from nose..not other parts..I quickly called my brother and asked him came back to fetch grandpa to either clinic or hospital... Then I helped to clean my grandpa blood...so many blood..scary~

My brother came back d, we send grandpa to clinic and tried to find clinic that have x-ray..but..dun have..so end up, v found tis KPMC..wah..got x-ray woh..then ok lor..juz went in lor..inside got many patients oso..tot is quite ok de medical centre lor..got x-ray some more...ish~~~mana tau..

1st, they send our grandpa to emergency room lor..to clean the blood, n check whether got anything serious onot..it's 3pm..they also checked for the blood pressure..my grandpa always got high blood pressure de..but tat day, his blood pressure suddenly increase very high..and doctor adviced to stay wad or go hospital stay 1 night for check up..coz scared of too high blood pressure...so, v decided to let my grandpa stay in KPMC's wad..dun wan move here move there..my dad agreed as well..Then, my brother went to pay deposit...RM500..we curious why so expensive...the wad that they told us was oni RM60 per nite..at the end..my brother still paid d...They move my grandpa to wad lor..

About KPMC...

1. Room service very "GOOD":

When reach the room, the nurse asked me, is it 2 beds? I wonder, why 2 beds? I got 1 grandpa who stay in the wad oni woh...I said, 1 oni, my grandpa...Then she asked me..is there anyone stayed here today? Then oni i realised she was saying the one who staying to accompany my grandpa..I said, "Ya, I will stay tonite.." Then she ask a FUNNY and IMPORTANT question, "Do you want a bed?" Shit~!!! Apa tu??? Why I need a bed??? Ish~!!! Then I said I dun need lor...I wanted to ask, "if i said i wan,then u wana charge me another bed de money izit?" ish~!

2. Cleaner vacancy available:

My grandpa need to pee..not so convenient to walk to the toilet...so..juz use the chamber pot and pee..and causes the floor got a bit dirty...me and my brother went to ask for cleaner lor..to clean up/mop the floor lor..he called 1 time...I called another time..same result..no one come..I wonder they dun have cleaner de meh? satu pun tak de? takkan all rehat sama-sama de gua...The nurse told us..the cleaner time not yet reach lar..ask us wait..OK..FINE..WE WAIT!

3. Doctor vacancy also available:

My grandpa in the emergency room around 3pm and they send him to wad around 3.30pm..then we asked when is the doctor/specialist will come..the nurse said..soon..the doctor will came back later...ok..WE WAIT..4.30pm..not yet come woh..my grandpa's nose bleeding again..non-stop..Sure we worry..and ask the nurse..when the doctor come..they said, "Coming, kami sudah called..." Fine..WE WAIT...how?grandpa nose still bleeding..we asked the nurse..she gave me some ice..asked me put on grandpa's forehead...put d..STILL THE SAME LER...mau macam mana..doctor dun hv..still bleeding..they can't stop the bleeding..cannot macam tu ler..5pm sth..I asked the nurse about the arrival of their SPECIALIST DOCTOR...she told me..will be reached at 6pm..SHIT!!! we WAIT for 3 hours for the doctor ler..and the bleeding they can't make it stop..SHIT!!!!!!

Moreover, I don't dare to judge the doctors' professionalism...just we felt tat the doctors came also, check a bit oni..cakap a bit..and macam din cakap and din do anything...ish!!! And one of the doctor looks like very young..duno reliable onot...lagi..his medical fees more expensive than another doctor who looks more old/reliable...what he had done? we also duno, why he can charge so many??!!

What I has to conclude is...i very very super "beh song", "bu shuang", disatisfied with KPMC services..ish~!!!

*being blacklisted by me*


-k- said...

that hospital meh i went last time when i got high fever de?
so teruk de liao a? aih......
then u so many important jobs that day ho.. gao leng leng some more.. wee wit la...

~ALICE in the wonderland~ said...

wat gao leng leng??? dun understand...